Time and Attendance Systems

Time and attendance system  is a computer based electronic system that ensures to record arrival and departure times of company workers and prepare monthly and annual reports regarding these records. The purpose for this activity is to generate reliable records by reducing workforce to the lowest level.

Used Products

RFID Card Reader

Of biometric systems, Fingerprint readers are the most preferred ones. Each person may introduce more than one finger.

PL 858

PL 800 Card Reader

Fingerprint Readers

Of biometric systems, Fingerprint readers are the most preferred ones. Each person may introduce more than one finger.

PL A2 Face Recognition Reader

PL 70 Fingerprint Reader

PL 28 Fingerprint Reader

PL 52 Fingerprint Reader

PL 90 Fingerprint Reader

Face Recognition Reader

These are the latest technology of biometric systems. The major advantages are being easy to use and having no cost for the cards .

PL 218 Face Recognition Reader

PL 661 Termal Card Reader

Access Control Systems

The purpose for the access control systems is to control the entries of the person’s to certain places and to report relevant data. If required, time restrictions and introduction for access at doors may be applied for the persons.

The system constitutes card readers or fingerprint readers and turnstiles and access control software. Status information accumulated on the terminals may preferably be transferred online or offline.

Door Access Control System

It is mostly preferred access control application. It can be applied via fingerprint, card, code panel or face recognition readers. Readers may only be used as a door lock and information on date and time in the readers may also be transferred to any computer.

Multi-Door Access Control System

Are the systems created through the operation of more than one device integrated this system is used by placing wiegand protocol card readers into doors which are desired to be controlled and each reader is connected to a control panel connected to the computer.

Turnstile Access Control System

Are the systems where the devices and the turnstiles are used at the same place. Covers are cut and custom designed according to the type of the reader to be mounted on the turnstiles.

Cafeteria Access Control System

Are the systems used for the canteen and cafeteria applications. The purpose of the system is to determine the number of meals had, regulate the meals and regulate the entries at the cafeteria according to remuneration procedure.

Gym & Member Tracking System

Gymnasium monitoring system is a system developed to to restrict the entries of the members to the areas where the members are available and to report the names of the members used these areas and time spent by the members.

School – Student Control System

Turnstiles used for recording the arrival and departure times of the students in schools and private teaching institutions and for transferring relevant data to the student tracking program as well as sending relevant information to the parents via sms or e-mail.

Used Products

Agora Card Reader

Agora TCP-IP Network Access Control

PL 403


D 10 Proximity - Mifare Card Reader

DF05T Temperature Detection Face RecognitionTerminal

Patrol Guard Tour Control Systems

These are manual automation and round tour systems used everywhere subject to periodical controls and which monitors whether the gatekeeper completes his round and serves various purposes and uses, fast and easy for installation and usage. It is a computer-based round tour control system which determines the time of inspection and the location of security point carried out by the staff responsible for the safety of the places such as factories, warehouses, construction sites, military units and automatically reports dative a received through software.

Smartpen 3000 Guard Tour Control System

New version of smart pencil. It gives light and vibrating alert while recording 100% water resistant. Data transmission is made through usb cable without a slot.

Proximity Guard Tour Control System

Is gatekeeper round control system in which 125 khz proximity technology is used. PC connection is made through direct usb cable without any communication slot.

Proxpen Guard Tour Control System

Is gatekeeper round control system in which 125 khz proximity technology is used. Has vibration and stroke determination features. Transmitting cable is also used for charging.

Smartpen Patrol Guard Tour Control System

Proximity Guard Patrol Control System

Proxpen Proximity Patrol Guard
Tour System

Pedestrian Turnstiles & Gates

Turnstile access control system is one of the most important systems among access control systems. Turnstile selection towards access control is depending on the security system where the conditions are suitable for the application. Arrival and departure times of the employees in the companies, visitors, cafeterias, stadiums etc. may be supervised through different models of turnstiles.

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod Turnstiles: Most commonly used turnstile models.; also named as 3 armed turnstiles. Coin mechanism can be adapted too.

VIP Turnstiles

Suitable for special and disabled access.

Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles: Mostly used in stadiums, painted and stainless, different options for 3 and 4 armed.

Fastlane Turnstiles

Suitable for fast access, also with elegant looks and different material options, most preferred models by architects.

Vehicle Access Control Systems

You can use vehicle access control systems in places where safety and controlled transition areas are desired. Vehicle access control systems include:
– Arm barriers
– Mushroom barriers and
– Road Blockers.
Arm barriers are especially suitable for residential areas and public areas, and are compatible with all kinds of access control systems such as cards, rfid tags, remote controls and buttons.
Mushroom barriers and road blockers are also used in public areas where a high level of security is required.

Arm Barriers

It is easy to install Polimek arm barriers that can be easily used for residential areas and public car parks. It is compatible with all pass control applications with its durable body structure and wide choice of options and accessories.

Mushroom Barriers

It is a barrier model suitable for public areas where transitions are intended to be restricted. Mushroom barrier models, which are resistant to impact and bad weather conditions, are completely manufactured of 304 stainless steel. The dimensions of the barriers vary depending on the dimensions of the area or the desired safety level.

Road Blocker

Road Blockers are the most commonly used system where crossings against all types of vehicles should be safe. All military facilities, public institutions and organizations, airports and police officers are among the most frequently used.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

There are many different models available for X-ray baggage scanners, depending on the location and purpose of the X-ray scanner.
The tunnels of the x-ray baggage scanner are determined according to the place to be used.
50×30 tunnels are usually suitable for places entered with handbags, such as shopping mall entrances, public institutions and organizations; as the size of the package to be controlled increases; 65×50, 80×65, or 100×100 will be more convenient.
Sites such as airports, bus terminals, hotel entrances should prefer devices with large tunnel measurements.
Our X-ray baggage and luggage scanner devices all has CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 1600 and Tuv documents.

Smartguard SG 5030 A X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Smartguard SG 5030 C X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Smartguard SG 6550 A X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Smartguard SG 6550 C X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Smartguard SG 10080 X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Smartguard SG 100100 X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Smartguard SG 5335 C X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Smartguard SG 8065 C X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are among the most important elements of security systems together with x-ray baggage scanners devices.
Walk through metal detectors; the panel on the sides dividing the human body by the equal parts and search for whether there is any metal or not.
The alarm level can be set according to the density of the metal.
Thanks to the LED display on the devices; the number of people who have switched from the device and the number of people that the device has alerted can be easily seen.
Walk through metal detectors starting from 6 zones; can be up to 45 regions of the body part.
The devices has waterproof and fireproof models.
Hand detectors are used to scan the person passing through the door detector.
The handheld detector has different models, either charged or battery powered.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

Walk through metal detectors are used to determine whether or not there is any explosive or cutting material on the passenger.

Hand Held Detectors

The position of the metal, on the person who alerted by the door detector , can be searched and determined by the handheld detectors.

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