Scaglia Indeva has been designing and manufacturing industrial manipulators since 1970.
Scaglia INDEVA today is a world leader in the design and production of cutting-edge industrial automation solutions for improving ergonomics, safety, and lean manufacturing in the production processes of companies in many different industry sectors.

Scaglia Indeva has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the design of custom solutions, constantly updated with the latest technology improvements from R&D department. With this pedigree, we are able to address the need for higher productivity combined with operator wellbeing, safety and ergonomics

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Industrial Manipulators

The most complete range of industrial manipulators nowadays on the market.

Automatic Guided Vehicles

Extensive expertise in the design of Automatic Guided Vehicles, materials handling solutions and industrial automation.

Industrial Manipulators and load handling solutions

The most complete range of industrial manipulators nowadays on the market.
It comprises:
• Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA® of the Liftronic® Series featuring advanced electronic control technology
• Traditional industrial manipulators of the PN Series featuring pneumatic control technology

Liftronic® Series (Electronic)

Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA® of the Liftronic® Series
featuring advanced electronic control technology


PN Series (Pneumatic)

Traditional industrial manipulators of the PN Series featuring pneumatic control technology.


Liftronic® Pro
– rope on the vertical axis;
– custom gripping tools

Liftronic® Easy
– rope on the vertical axis;
– standard gripping tools

Liftronic® Air
– parallelogram rigid arm for the vertical axis;
– suitable for handling offset loads

Liftronic® Mobile
– it can be mounted onto a pallet truck;
– easy to move and use at different work stations

PN Ergo
– Parallelogram-arm;
– Overhead or column mounted;
– Standard and custom gripping tools

PN Compatto
– Parallelogram-arm;
– Overhead mounted;
– Standard and custom gripping tools.

PN Flex
– Rope on the vertical axis;
– Overhead or column mounted;
– Standard and custom gripping tools.

PN Zip
– Parallelogram-arm;
– Very compact size;
– Standard and custom gripping tools.

End effectors for the Liftronic® Series manipulators

They can be linked either to standard gripping chucks or to bespoke gripping devices designed
by our engineers specifically for each application.

Liftronic® Pro end effectors
Liftronic® Easy standard end effectors
INDEVA® Modulo

Pneumatic manipulators are traditional industrial manipulators, featuring pneumatic drive and control

PN series manipulators are traditional industrial manipulators featuring pneumatic control and drive.

PN series balancers can be designed according to the ATEX regulations as per the EU Directives
94/9 regarding applications in controlled environments with danger of explosion, classified
classes 1 and 2 (Gas).

Main features comparison table between Liftronic® Series and PN Series

Automatic Guided Vehicles – INDEVA® AGV

INDEVA® Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs) have been designed expressly for companies that apply the lean manufacturing principles.
Emphasis on ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘make-it-yourself’ principles is the main focus of our INDEVA® AGVs overall design. In fact we do strongly believe that in a fast changing world the user has an important advantage in being independent in the programming, maintenance and possible modifications of their vehicles.
The INDEVA® Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs) are designed by INDEVA® R&D personnel with the cooperation of research institution and universities for the most critical and advanced control techniques. Indeva is committed to continuously update its AGV’s software and features to ensure alignment to the technology edge. Scaglia Indeva® is the only European company that designs and manufacture in Europe modular Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs) for Lean manufacturing.

INDEVA® AGV – Standard Models

INDEVA® AGV standard model range comprises Tugger and Tunnel AGVs

INDEVA® TUGGER AGV 750-1500 kg
INDEVA® TUGGER AGV is typically a standard product used to tow a train of trolleys. We can supply trolleys designed according to the materials to be moved.

INDEVA® TUNNEL AGV is used to move trolleys through the workshop and warehouse. This AGV positions itself beneath а trolley or cart that, using а fully automated pin-hook system, is then guided to the destination.

Main features:

The AGVs follow a magnetic tape which is quickly and easily laid along the required route.
Each standard AGV can be configured for different functions and can be upgraded from a range of optional accessories.
An AGV INDEVA® is programmed for automatic start by means of either a preset timing or reception of a signal from customer’s line.
Comes complete with standard interfaces. Customer can use these to perform special functions or to control external devices.

INDEVA® AGV – Custom built Solutions

A custom built INDEVA® AGV is designed specifically to meet special site and operational requirements regarding structure, layout, size and program.

Welded structure
The INDEVA® AGV shown above is complete with power driven rollers for uploading large containers from the conveyor line that carries material between the warehouse and assembly line. It can carry loads up to 1500 kg.

Modular structure
An INDEVA® custom built gravity AGV is used to transport boxes and small containers in both directions between the warehouse and assembly line. Could be possible the loading/unloading of the boxes from/to the AGV is carried out with a completely automatic and simple mechanism using gravity to slide boxes from the AGV to the rack and vice-versa.

Welded + Modular structure
The above shown custom built INDEVA® AGV is equipped with custom made power driven conveyors, matched by similar conveyors at the load and offload positions. On arrival at correct location, the AGV establishes contact with the conveyor using Wi-Fi. This sets both powered conveyors rotating at the same speed, so providing a smooth, controlled transfer of product. Potential applications are the transfer of heavy loads and fragile materials.

INDEVA® AGV – Trolleys, Accessories and Options

A range of accessories and options are available to enhance your INDEVA® AGV: power system, route & markers, communication & control and custom trolleys.

Supervisor and Controller
It is the brain interacting with all the vehicles in the entire system: it receives from the AGVs information on their position and work parameters and controls crossings and overall traffic flow.

  • controls AGV and all the other line components we supply such as roller conveyors, trolleys, WI-FI start-stop, etc…
  • controls crossings
  • controls position on the route
  • assigns the task to be completed by the AGV
  • controls battery level and other parameters
  • informs about failure and position of the AGV in case of unplanned stop.

AGV Power System

  • Battery trolleys
    Made with INDEVA Lean System® modular structure.
    Very useful accessory for changing batteries: the battery smoothly slides unto the AGV and from the AGV to the trolley by means of roller tracks.
  • Battery pack
    Spare standard batteries are available in 40A/h and 70A/h 24 volt DC. Batteries of different capacities are available on request.
  • Trickle charger
    Each AGV crosses a charging point whilst travelling which helps to maintain the battery in a charged condition.

Custom Trolleys
We can design and manufacture custom trolleys for the INDEVA® TUGGER and TUNNEL AGVs.
We can give guidance in the design and manufacture of the trolleys and the best system for the automatic loading/unloading of materials.

  • Steelwork structure
  • Modular Structure

Communication and Control System

Wi-Fi Device
Wi-Fi Start-Box
Electronic Kanban

AGV Route and Markers
We design the route and lay the magnetic tape to your specific requirements.

  • Magnetic markers to the floor
    Glued or fixed with resin to the floor are the indicators where each AGV must stop to carry out a task.
  • Radio Frequency Identification
    System for the univocal identification of position so that an AGV can be added to the route without any external input.

Intralogistics Systems

A wide range of Intralogistics Systems to suit transport of a great variety of goods
In order to satisfy the great variety of requests from our customers with large size production sites, e.g. in the automotive,
aerospace, fashion, mechanics, etc.. industry fields, we can provide a wide range of intralogistics systems for carrying all types of
trolleys in an efficient and safe way.

These Intralogistics systems can be pulled by an INDEVA® TUGGER AGV or by any other AGV in your shopfloor.

“E” carts
The “E” carts are perfect to move different types of loads without special adjustments. It can transport two trolleys at the same time or a single big trolley (about max 1200 x 800 mm).

“C” carts
The “C” carts allows quick, ergonomic and safe exchange of containers on production lines. It could be provided with max dimension 1600 x 1200 mm.

Composition E+C carts
Carts may be composed and oriented as a train. With these compositions you can use your carts to service your production line. Other configurations on request (“V” carts, “H” turntables and custom trolleys).

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